DRINK: Sangria Slushie With Berries and Peach Brandy


Dear Sangria Slushie…You are refreshing and boozy and healthy (sort of), and I am in love. You make my house smell like fruit. Your deep color and bright, fruity taste impresses all my friends. With love, Grape Sally.

Just kidding, but for real yall this recipe makes an actual slushie that is a great alternative to the traditional sangria. No soaking the fruit and prep required! I used a Nutribullet, which makes the texture smooth and what you would expect from a slushie. We also tried different ice combinations and found 6 ice cube tray sized cubes worked best.

This simple recipe makes enough for two drinks, so grab a friend and try it out! Share any personal touches to the recipe in the comments. I would love to hear how it goes

1 cup Cabernet
1 cup mixed berries
1 oz peach brandy
1/2 orange
6 ice cubes
lemon slice for garnish

Mix until blended thoroughly. Enjoy!

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