SOCIAL: They Call Me Tater Tot


Ok, there are a couple things that the Grape Sally team takes very seriously…the first is crop tops and bodysuits and the second is food. We especially love indulging in treats like hamburgers and tater tots! After a long day of photo shoots and meetings, nothing is going to complete the day like a couple dark and stormy cocktails and a big fat juicy burger.


Lucky’s Last Chance Bar in Manyunk shuts it down in the burger and tater tot category. We haven’t tried anything else there. Honestly, probably never going to, because that combo is inspiring (drama brought to you in part by the rum drinks).


Order the PB & Bacon Burger. Here’s a description from the menu:

PB & Bacon
2013 Philadelphia Burger Brawl People’s Choice award winner! The childhood favorite with an adult twist. creamy peanut butter, american cheese, & bacon with a side of grape jelly. unexpectedly delicious
…Sounds weird, doesn’t taste weird, trust me.
 OR if you’re not feeling like eating a peanut butter burger then order the Buffalo Wing Burger. You can thank us later:
Buffalo Wing Burger
our 1st ever burger battle royale champ! a single cheeseburger topped with shredded chicken dipped in buffalo sauce with crumbled blue cheese. served with a side of blue cheese for your dipping pleasure.
The bar is two floors with the downstairs being more of a bar and upstairs is a more relaxed space. Punk rock music and decor is the theme so wear a Grape Sally crop top with distressed jeans and sneakers.
BTW the kitchen stays open until midnight!! Midnight snack anyone?

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